Sweet Potato Leaf Tea (100g)

  • 料號:A00001
  • 規格:100g/box
  • 售價:$1,200
  • Purple Sweet Potato Leaf Tea offers a full-bodied, smoky brew with notes of lovely vegetal green and slightly malty taste. As well as being delectable, purple sweet potato leaf tea is enriched with various health benefits.

商品詳細介紹Product Introduction

✦Taiwan Xin Tea✦
Grown exclusively in Taiwan's Changhua county, Taiwan Xin Tea is finished from the giant leaves of Taiwan Purple Sweet Potato Plants, delicately fermented and oxidized with a technique similar to the black tea production process, but much more attention to timing and temperature is necessary. We only harvest the tender leaves or shoots of purple sweet potato plants and wash them with clean water to remove all the dirt and soil. The leaves are placed in an air-conditioned room for 48 hours in order to make the water in the leaves slowly disappear while keeping them fresh. The leaves ferment along with the oxidation process and then it will release the specific flavor and taste of sweet potato leaf tea. We had to roast the sweet potato leaf tea several times just to stop oxidation and reduce the vegetal flavor of sweet potato leaves, making this tea even more time-consuming than other tea production.

✦Flavor Profile✦
Many were curious about how Taiwan Xin Tea tastes like. Here are some answers to your questions:
Although technically not a tea, Taiwan Xin Tea has a rich amber color when it's brewed and a flavor that is earthy, nutty and slightly spicy undertones. It delivers a bit of a vegetal flavor with a slight natural sweetness similar to brown sugar, making this tea incredibly smooth and delicate to drink. 

✦Caffeine-free with tonnes of health benefits✦

This no-caffeine drink is a nice alternative to green tea, black tea, and white tea due to its high level of antioxidants - total polyphenols. Antioxidants may help prevent cells from damage by free radicals, promote heart health, reduce cancer risks and benefit people with type II diabetes.


商品注意事項Product Notes

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